IALS Introduction to Research Methods for Law MPhil/PhD Students

IALS Introduction to Research Methods for Law MPhil/PhD Students
10 Jan 2022, 10:00 to 21 Jan 2022, 17:00
Research Training
Online Workshop (Zoom)

IALS Introduction to Research Methods for Law MPhil/PhD Students
Schedule 2022

All classes will be virtual/online


Week 1

Monday 10th January
Morning session:                   Introduction to Ph.D. research and theories of research – Prof. Lisa Webley

Afternoon session:                 Reviewing the literature, note-taking for analytical writing – Prof. Lisa Webley

Tuesday 11th January  
Morning session:                   Defining the question and research design (design, reliability, validity and                   integrity) – Prof. Lisa Webley

Afternoon session:               Comparative and case study research– Prof. Lisa Webley

Wednesday 12th January  
Morning session:                    Qualitative Methods (1) Participant observation and third party observation – Dr. Sylvie Bacquet

Afternoon:                              Qualitative Methods (2) Elite interviewing – Prof. Avrom Sherr
Thursday 13th January
Morning session:                    Policy analysis – Dr. Constantin Stefanou 

Afternoon session:                  Qualitative methods (3) Analysis of qualitative data– Dr. Sylvie Bacquet 

Friday 14th January 
Morning session:                    Qualitative Methods (4) Involving clients, consumers and vulnerable participants in your research using interviews, group interviews and other qualitative methods– Dr. Naomi Creutzfeldt

Afternoon session:                 Qualitative methods (5) Harnessing digital media in qualitative work – Prof. Lisa Webley

Optional class following this on the English Legal System and the Common Law System – Prof. Lisa Webley

Week 2

Monday 17th January
Morning session:                Electronic legal research: Getting the Most out of Subscription Databases – Laura Griffiths

Afternoon session:              Foreign and international legal research –Hester Swift

Tuesday 18th January
Morning session:                Quantitative methods (1): Survey research – Marc Mason 

Afternoon session:                Quantitative methods (2): Data analysis – Marc Mason

Wednesday 19th January    
Morning session:            Legal writing: finding your voice as an academic writer- Prof. Carl Stychin

Afternoon session:                  Research plan review, next steps and moving forward with your PhD – Prof. Lisa Webley

Optional meetings for further assistance with method will be available via Zoom on the afternoon of the 20th and in the morning of the 21st January.

Morning classes begin at 10am UK time, afternoon classes begin at 2pm UK time. Classes will normally last for 90-120 minutes with breaks as necessary. 

All classes will be via Zoom and will be recorded.

Deadline: Wednesday, 5 January 2022.

Details about how to join the virtual event will be circulated via email to registered attendees closer to the event date.


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