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Hester Swift, IALS

This in-person training session will be held in the IALS Library Computer & Training Room

What does this session cover?

Westlaw and Lexis+ are key databases for legal research in the UK. At this hand-on session in the Library’s training room you will learn how to find the legal materials you will need during the course of your studies and research. At this session we will focus on:

  • accessing the databases
  • understanding the differences between the databases and what is included
  • finding UK case law
  • finding UK legislation
  • finding UK legal journal articles
  • accessing the foreign and international law content of the databases

At the session you will have the opportunity to use the databases and have a go at some practise research questions.

Who may attend?

All IALS Library academic members are welcome to attend this session. It is essential that you have a current library card as you will need your IALS Library barcode number or SASCard number to book a place and enter the library. If you do not know your barcode number, get in touch with us at

If you are not a member of IALS Library, see the Access for Academic Users pages of our website for information on how to register for your free membership.

This training session is free but advance booking is required.