Examples of the identification of new research horizons

The European Criminal Law Record as a means of combating organised crime in Europe was introduced by Dr Constantin Stefanou through a European Commission funded study involving 25 researchers from all member states of the European Union. The concept was adopted, partially, by the Commission and the study and subsequent publications were the basis for European legislation. Of equal significance, but of lesser impact, was the study on the prevention of the infiltration of companies by terrorism and organised crime: this also led to European, and subsequent, UK legislation.
The study on OLAF [the Anti-Fraud Office of the European Commission] informed the European Parliament on the necessity for reform in the legal framework of the Office, and this fed into EP Resolutions, and ultimately a proposal and subsequent legislation reforming OLAF. The debate continues with the monograph on OLAF as a unique resource leading the debate further.
The work of the Sir William Dale Centre on Better Regulation and Smart Regulation at the EU level led to the formation of a research agenda on the effectiveness of EU legislation, which in turn was adopted in the relevant 2011 EP Resolution. Back to list of examples



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