Examples of impact on the socio-economic context of the world in which law works

"When Science Meets Law" - was a Review of education and training for Patent Agents and Trade Mark Attorneys which revolutionised the approach.
The Independent Peer Review project assesses the work of all legal aid solicitors and not for profit agencies in England and Wales set up and monitored by IALS .
Orphaned Children's' rights in the shadow of HIV and AIDS is a set of international policy and research based initiatives in conjunction with psychologists, medics and ethical researchers in the UK, Africa and USA changing international policy on institutionalisation of "AIDS orphans" .
The "Willing Blindness" Report on Complaints Handling Procedures, at the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors brought about major change in the personnel and organisation of the system of complaints.
The LETR current research on behalf of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Bar Standards Board and Institute of Legal Executives will produce new approaches to the regulation of legal education and training for 2020.
Professor Kern Alexander, Senior Research Fellow, is Specialist Adviser and Counsel to the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on the Draft Financial Services Bill from September 2011 until early January 2012. Back to list of examples

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