Examples of research leading and shaping agendas

The work of the Sir William Dale Centre in the area of legislative drafting and law reform has led to the recognition of legislative studies as an academic sub-discipline of interdisciplinary nature [law, politics, economics, linguistics etc], has provided phronesis as a theoretical basis for the new sub-discipline, and applied this legal basis to drafting conventions and practices that have sometimes been applied blindly and with doubtful effectiveness in the past. The Centre remains the only educational unit in Europe offering an LLM in Advanced Legislative Studies, and promoting research in the field via PhD students, original research in the field, and research facilitation (through edited collections, guest issues in peer reviewed journals, seminars, and conferences). The Centre opened the debate and led the research on the nature of legislative drafting: taken up by Commonwealth Association for Legislative Counsel as the central topic of their bi-annual Conference, and by the latest issue of "The Loophole". Similarly, research on the definition of quality of legislation was the agenda for the International Association for Legislation annual international conference, and as the topic of edited collection of articles. The work on manuals in drafting shaped another prominent research agenda in the field and now constitutes the topic of the forthcoming issue of Legisprudence.
Quality and Competence in Publicly Funded legal work - legal aid and alternatives. Professor Avrom Sherr's ongoing research has moved through four iterative phases in producing an approach to measuring the professional competence of publicly funded lawyers acceptable both to funders and the profession, and acting as a model for other professional work.
Work on Alternative Dispute Resolution has opened a new area of enquiry at an important moment of financial crisis in justice delivery.
The Annual International Financial Crime Symposium, held together with Jesus College Cambridge leads the world in producing up to date, relevant, purposive research into a growing area of international and national concern.
Annual W.G. Hart Legal Workshops lead and dominate new areas of research including in recent years Sovereignty in Question, Constitutions:Theory and Practice, Law Reform and Financial Markets, Harmonisation, Access to Justice, The Retreat of the State and the Challenge of Migration.

Page last updated: 21st January 2016