Extent and form: 7 folders, 19 items and 11 audio tapes

Scope and content: IALL training provision encompasses courses, conferences, workshops and seminars. Series includes papers, proceedings and delegate lists. The courses were first mooted by the Treasurer, Dr A Veillon at the Association's first European Congress at The Hague 24 April 1965.

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Related Material: files relating to training events can be found amongst individual members' records. IALL also hosted a training event during the IFLA annual conference, see IALL/14.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
IALL/13/1 International Conference on Latin American Law: Conference papers 1979 1 folder These papers have been tentatively identified as being connected with the Conference and it is assumed they were either delivered at the Conference or are papers submitted by prospective speakers.
  • "De Nuevo Sobre el Derecho de Propiedad" - Dr Jose Vicente Troya Jaramillo
  • Hacia Una Estrtaegia Para Legitimar La Investigacion Juridica - Lorenzo Zolezzi Ibarcena
  • Doble Tributacion Internacional
  • Nuevas Direcciones Del Derecho Latinoamericano - Fernando de Trazegnies Granda
  • Ecuador: Un Sistema Legal Latinoamericano
  • Breve Esquema de la Historia del Derecho en Venezuela y de sus Principales Problemas de Interpretacion
  • Legal Formalism and its Social Functions in Venezuelan XIXth Century - Rogelio Perez-Perdomo
IALL/13/2 8th course attendees 1981 1 item  
IALL/13/3 Tape recording of Freiburg meeting 1982 11 audio cassette tapes  
IALL/13/4 Freiburg attendees 1984 1 item  
IALL/13/5 Bound copies of conference papers: Freiburg 1984 1984 July 15 - 20 1 item  
IALL/13/6 Jerusalem 1985 attendees 1985 1 item  
IALL/13/7 IALL: Crossroads in Constitutional Law Development Comparative Constitutional Law; selective bibliography (17 copies) 1987 June 28 - Jul 2 1 item  
IALL/13/8 9th course attendees 1987 1 item  
IALL/13/9 10th course attendees 1988 1 item  
IALL/13/10 11th IALL Course on International Law Librarianship: papers, programme, participants 1991 Sept 8 - 11. 1 item  
IALL/13/11 19th Course: Agenda and information; Copies of Journal articles; International Journal of Law Librarians Vol. 3 no 9 2000 Aug 20 - 24 1 item  
IALL/13/12 23rd Annual Course on International Law Librarianship, Helsinki & Tallinn: Attendees, programme and papers 2004 Aug 15 -19 1 item  
IALL/13/13 24th Annual Course on International Law Librarianship, Fiesole: Attendees, programme and papers 2005 Sept 4 - 9 1 item  
IALL/13/14 26th Annual Course on International Law Librarianship, Mumbai: prospectus 1st - 5th Dec 2007 1 item  
IALL/13/15 25th IALL Anniversary: Courts, Law Libraries and Legal Information in a Changing Society: programme and registration form 1984 2 items  
IALL/13/16 26th IALL Congress: Law in Multicultural Societies: preliminary program [sic]; registration form; and travel information 1985 3 items  
IALL/13/17 14th Course: Vienna : Current Trends in International Law: A Challenge for Law Librarians: programme and registration form 1995 1 item  
IALL/13/18 14th Course: additional papers 1995 1 folder Papers received from Jules Winterton, IALL President
IALL/13/19 16th Course: Lund: papers 1997 1 folder Papers received from Jules Winterton, IALL President
IALL/13/20 18th Course: Melbourne: programme and paper; notes 1999 1 folder Papers received from Jules Winterton, IALL President
IALL/13/21 pts 1 & 2 19th Course: Dublin: programme and papers, correspondence 2000 2 folders Papers received from Jules Winterton, IALL President
IALL/13/22 20th Course: Lausanne: programme and papers 2001 1 folder Papers received from Jules Winterton, IALL President
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