IALL 15: IALL BULLETIN, 1964 Dec - 1971 Dec

Extent and form: 15 items

Scope and content: The Bulletin was published between September 1960 and December 1972. From 1964 onwards, it included a list of new members, arranged according to country; updates from law libraries around world; case studies; reports of conferences; book reviews.
In December 1971 there was an acknowledgement that the Bulletin needed redesigning and reorganization of editorship to reflect the international nature of the organisation. This resulted in a decentralised board of regional editors. (see IALL/15/18). In 1975 all issues and a cumulative index were printed in 2 vols. The Bulletin was succeeded by the International Journal of Legal Information.

Access: open

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
IALL/15/01 IALL Bulletin XI - XII 1964 Dec 1 item  
  IALL Bulletin XIII - wanting [nd] [Wanting]  
IALL/15/02 IALL Bulletin XIV 1965 June 1 item  
IALL/15/03 IALL Bulletin XV 1965 Nov 1 item  
IALL/15/04 IALL Bulletin XVI 1966 Mar 1 item  
IALL/15/05 IALL Bulletin XVII 1966 July 1 item  
IALL/15/06 IALL Bulletin XIX 1967 Apr 1 item Includes report on IALL 1st course
IALL/15/07 IALL Bulletin XX 1967 Nov 1 item  
IALL/15/08 IALL Bulletin XXI 1968 Apr 1 item  
IALL/15/09 IALL Bulletin XXII 1968 Nov 1 item  
IALL/15/10 IALL Bulletin XXIII 1969 June 1 item Includes report on IALL 2nd course.
IALL/15/11 IALL Bulletin XXIV 1970 Mar 1 item  
IALL/15/12 IALL Bulletin XXV 1970 Mar 1 item Includes report on IALL 3rd course.
IALL/15/13 IALL Bulletin XXVI 1971 May 1 item  
IALL/15/14 IALL Bulletin XXVII 1971 Dec 1 item  
  IALL Bulletin XXVIII - Wanting 1972 June [Wanting]  
  IALL Bulletin XXIX-XXX - Wanting 1972 Dec [Wanting]  
IALL/15/15 IALL Bulletin Index to issues I - XXV 1971 Dec 1 item  
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