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Reference Title Dates Extent
IALL/19/01 IALL information leaflets and application forms 20th century 1 file
IALL/19/02 Leaflet: Some information on IALL C1976 1 item
IALL/19/03 Article: "The International Association of Law Libraries: History and Goals" - Adolf Sprudzs [1984] 1 item
IALL/19/04 Article: "The International Association of Law Libraries and its Twenty-Five Years of Activities" - Alfred Sprudzs [1984] 1 item
IALL/19/05 Diskette copy: 35 Years of the IALL (A Sprudzs in The Law Librarian, Vol 26, No2) 1995 1 electronic file held on disk
IALL/19/06 Sprudzs "Thirty Five Years of International Cooperation: the case of the IALL" in The Law Librarian June 1995 1995 2 photocopies
IALL/19/07 Sprudzs "Basic US Sources for Current Research in International Law" IJLL Nov 1977 1977 1 item
IALL/19/08 IALL Information leaflet c1977 1 item
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