Extent and form: 18 files

Scope and content: These files concern Muriel Anderson's interaction with the IALL. In particular she was involved in the Council of Europe project to prepare a series of guides to the law libraries of the (then) 18 member countries.

Access: open after 20 years

Related Material: Muriel Anderson worked for the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and between 1982 and 1991 was Librarian there. Her papers are held at the Institute, reference A/IALS/1/12, 9/1, 9/2

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
IALL/6/1 "IALL: Council of Europe" 1966-1971 1 file Correspondence re National Guides, and also re Council of Europe's approach to law in the member states.
IALL/6/2 IALL National Guides Questionnaire 1967-1968 1 file Inc drafts of the questionnaire sent to libraries and related working papers.

Includes documents written in French.
IALL/6/3 "IALL: National Guides: finance" 1967-1970 1 file  
IALL/6/4 "IALL: National Guides: questionnaire, duplicate letters" c1968-1969 1 file 1 copy of each retained
IALL/6/5 "IALL: working file - lists of law libraries" [c1960s] 1 file  
IALL/6/6 IALL: National Guides: Council of Europe 1966-1971 1 file Correspondence re the project.
IALL/6/7 "IALL: National Guides: - consultants - countries A-G" 1968-1969 1 file Arranged alphabetically according to country.
IALL/6/8 "IALL: National Guides: - consultants - countries I-N" 1968-1969 1 file  
IALL/6/9 "IALL: National Guides: - consultants - countries S-U" 1968-1969 1 file  
IALL/6/10 IALL - Coffin, Lewis 1965-1970 1 file Correspondence file, predominantly with Lewis Coffin, Acting President/ Vice President of IALL.
IALL/6/11 "IALL: Course (2): Cambridge" (Course in Law Librarianship and legal bibliography of Common Law with special reference to English law) 1967-1969 1 file Inc programme, list of participants, and related correspondence.
IALL/6/12 "IALL: membership" 1972-1973 1 file Routine correspondence between WA Steiner and Gerhard J Dalhmanns re membership status.
IALL/6/13 "IALL: general" 1967-1969 1 file  
IALL/6/14 "IALL: general" 1969-1971 1 file  
IALL/6/15 "IALL: general" 1968-1974 1 file  
IALL/6/16 "IALL: general" 1971-1975 1 file Predominantly correspondence. Includes copies of the 1965 Constitution; Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting, 1973; and discussion paper for the IFLA/IALL working party on copyright, 1970s.
IALL/6/17 "IALL General" 1976-1984 1 file  
IALL/6/18 "D2 IALL - Board of Directors" 1983-1986 1 file  
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