Extent and form: 8 files

Scope and content: Files relating to Schwietzke's involvement with IALL. Includes copies of the IALL Newsletter and files relating to IALL training events.
The files have been arranged chronologically.

Access: open after 20 years

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
IALL/7/1 File: JALL Seminar 1970 [IALL Seminar, Heidelberg, 1970] 1970 1 file File also includes IALL Newsletters nos. 1, 10, 12, 13-16, 18-23, 25; lists of members, 1968; delegate list and programme for IALL "Course in law librarianship and legal bibliography with special reference to European Law"; delegate list and programme for Heidelberg Seminar.

Includes documents in German and French.
IALL/7/2 File: JALL 1.7.83-31.3.86; Freiburg 1984 [25th IALL Anniversary Conference, Freiburg, 1994 "Courts, Law Libraries and Legal Information in a Changing Society".]. 1982 - 1985 1 file Correspondence and administration of conference. Includes speakers' [proposed?] papers; copies of programme; Board meeting minutes, July 1984; draft "IALL Rules of Procedure on Finance"; draft programme for 26th IALL Conference "Law in Multicultural Societies, Jerusalem, 1985.

Includes documents in German.

Includes loose documents.
IALL/7/3 File: JALL April - Dec 1986 1986 1 file Correspondence between Joachim Schwietzke, Secretary and other members of the Board, inc re election and ballot papers.
IALL/7/4 File: JALL Jun 87-Dec 1992 1987-1992 1 file Correspondence file Joachim Schwietzke, and members of the Board, re election [nominating committee?].

Includes documents in German.
IALL/7/5 File: JALL Budapest 1988 [IALL 10th course on International Law Librarianship "Joint Ventures of Socialist Countries: Legal Aspects and Legal Sources", Budapest, Hungary, 1988] 1988-1989 1 file Transcripts of papers; programme; related correspondence.
IALL/7/6 File: JALL Riga 1990 1 file Conference programme (annotated); transcripts of papers; related correspondence; tourist brochures for Riga.Includes documents in German.
IALL/7/7 File: JALL Riga 1990 [IALL International Conference "Ecology and Law in the Baltic Sea Area: Sources and Developments", Riga, Latvia, 1990] 1990 1 file Inc Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, Paris, 1989; draft programme for conference; and correspondence.

Includes documents in German.
IALL/7/8 File: JALL M Kurs Heidelberg 1991 Unterlagen 1991 1 file Conference programme; transcripts of papers; related correspondence; tourist brochures for Heidelberg.

Includes documents in German.
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