Extent and form: 15 files

Scope and content: Dr Klaus Menzinger was President of IALL between 1983 and 1986. However his work with IALL stretched back to the 1970s, when he was Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Law Libraries, and these files represent the different roles he performed within the Association.

Access: open after 20 years; apart from IALL/8/15 which is closed for 50 years under Data Protection legislation.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
IALL/8/1 File: International Journal of Law Libraries 1973 - 1977 1 file This file has tentatively been identified as Klaus Menzinger's file of correspondence from Gerhard J Dahlmanns. It is predominantly written in German.
IALL/8/2 Conference file: JALL 1975; AALL [American Association of Law Libraries] 1976 ; JALL Boston / Budapest 1977 1975 - 1977 1 file Includes correspondence, brochures, lists of attendees and conference programmes relating to: IALL Seminar August 1975, Bonn Germany - "Selected Problems of the Law of the European Communities"; 69th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries, Boston, USA, 1976; 6th IALL Course in International Law Librarianship, "The Legal System in Socialist States, its Materials and Documentation", Budapest, Hungary, 1977.
IALL/8/3 File: 7th JALL course, Tokyo, Japan 1978 1 file Includes course brochure, correspondence re administration of course; transcripts of papers presented at the course; general publications re Japan.
IALL/8/4 File: JFLA Allgemeine Korrespondenz 1979-1985 1 file Circulars issued by IFLA and correspondence with IFLA re Chicago Conference, 1985 and 52nd IFLA General Conference, Tokyo, 1986.
IALL/8/5 Conference file: JALL - Freiburg 1982 1 file Correspondence re planning and administration of conference.

Contains documents written in German.
IALL/8/6 Conference file: Munchen [49th IFLA Council and General Conference, Munich, 1983] 1982 - 1983 1 file Correspondence re conference and IALL session "Computers and the Law". Includes full conference programme and list of delegates for IALL presentation.

Contains documents written in German.
IALL/8/7 Conference file: JFLA Munchen [49th IFLA Council and General Conference, Munich, 1983] 1983 1 file Conference papers and brochures.

Contains documents written in German.
IALL/8/8 Conference file: JALL Jerusalem [Law in Multicultural Societies conference] 1985 1983-1985 1 file Conference administration file. Includes copies of papers given at conference, programme of events, and correspondence with Hebrew University of Jerusalem re organisation of conference.
IALL/8/9 Conference file: JALL-Freiburg Aussteller Referenten 1983 - 1984 1 file Re conference papers and potential speakers.

Contains documents written in German.
IALL/8/10 Conference file: JALL-Freiburg Teilnehmer Dankbriefe [Participants Letters of thanks] 1983 - 1984 1 file Includes conference brochures; delegate lists; reviews of conference; correspondence re conference planning; correspondence with speakers.

Contains documents written in German and Dutch.
IALL/8/11 Conference file: JALL - Freiburg Allgemeines Hotels 1984 1 file Predominantly hotel and tourist brochures for Freiburg. Also press cuttings from German newspapers re conference.
IALL/8/12 File: JFLA Chicago 1985 [IFLA 51st Council and General Conference, Chicago, 1985] 1985 1 file Assumed to be Menzinger's personal file from his attendance at this conference. Includes programme; transcripts of papers; delegate lists; and tourist information for Chicago.
IALL/8/13 Correspondence file: JALL 1984 1984 - 1986 1 file Predominantly correspondence, arranged A-Z according to recipient name. Includes Memorandum of Understanding on the Publication of The International Journal of Legal Information (22/11/84).

Contains documents written in German.
IALL/8/14 Correspondence file: re members and forthcoming election 1986 1 file Includes list of active members for March 1986; letter from Sprudzs re handover of presidency; and draft program for IALL section of IFLA Conference in Japan.
IALL/8/15 Correspondence re: IFLA Tokyo Conference, 1986 1985-1986 1 file  
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