Environmental Law: records in the IALS Archives

Written by Clare Cowling, IALS Archivist |
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The IALS Archives holds a certain amount of material relating to environmental law, including records relating to conservation, sustainable development, air, water and space pollution, water resources, deep sea mining and environmental law reform. 

The bulk of records come from one collection, the International Law Association Archives 1866-2019.  The ILA’s records include Executive Council records relating to environmental projects with external agencies 1968-2003 (ref: ILA/1/8), conference papers from 1948-2000 on deep sea mining, environmental and water resources law, air pollution and sustainable development (Ref: ILA/2) and records of the ILA Committees such as the committees on Space Law, Sustainable Development, Marine Pollution,  Water Resources Law and Transnational Enforcement of Environmental Law (1942-2002; ILA/3).  It also contains a document dated 1978 relating to the use of environmental weapons (ILA/4/60/1).

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS): Institutional Archives, 1934-2016, also holds records of interest, including Society of Advanced Legal Studies (SALS) Planning and Environment Law Reform Working Group papers 1998-2002 (ref: SALS/22/2), Nuffield Fellows’ papers on environmental law 1996-1997 (IALS/26/3) and a 1997 W G Hart Worksop report on Access to Environmental Justice (IALS/27/8).

Smaller selections of material include the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL): Archives, 1969-2017, which contains some environmental information correspondence 1994 (ref: BIALL/14/21/70); the Socio-Legal Studies Association Archives, 1972-2013, which has records relating to sales for its Reader on Environmental Law 1998-2003 (SALS/10/2) and some notes in the Professor William L Twining, Law Teacher (TWIN): Papers, 1944-2006 on his ‘Thinking about Legal Education; Some Questions for Environmentalists’ c.2018 (TWIN/3/2/14)

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About the IALS Archives

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The IALS Archives was established in the 1990s as an outcome of the Records of Legal Education Project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust to investigate the location and availability for research of records of legal education. During the project IALS accepted a number of collections from individuals and organisations which otherwise had no institutional archives or were at risk of loss. Since the end of the project IALS has continued to accept deposits of archive material relating to legal education.  In 2022 the IALS Archives achieved accreditation from The National Archives.


Clare Cowling

Clare Cowling is the IALS Archivist and an experienced archivist and records manager who has worked in legal archives management for many years.