IALS Library - Privacy Notice

The Institute, as part of the University is subject to data protection laws, like the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. The following privacy notes explains what we will do with your personal data. 

What data are we collecting? 

We will collect the information in the registration form. We will also generate some data about you (membership card, borrower record, access requirements, etc.) while your application is completed and throughout your registration. Where you make a payment the University will not retain your card details. 

Why are we using it? 

We are collecting and storing your information in order to fulfil your ‘contract’ as a member of our library and facilitate access to the library building and our collections. 

We will use your data with those of other members to provide us with aggregated statistics to support our legitimate interest in analysing the use of our library. These statistics will not identify you or affect you personally.  

Where you have a disability, perhaps with a specific access requirement, we have a legal requirement to store the data so we can make sure you are not disadvantaged in accessing the library and its facilities. 

Where we collect information about your ethnicity, and you choose to provide it, we will use it to run analysis on our membership and library usage. These statistics will not identify you or affect you personally.  

Who will we give this data to? 

The Library may use companies to provide services to us to help deliver your application and course, but they will be under our instruction and will not do anything with your data we do not want them to. If your eligibility is based on external academic status, accreditation or qualifications we may be required to check that eligibility with the third party. 

What else will we do with your data? 

We will use your contact email address to notify you with information about the library. You can also sign up with our other mailing lists if you want us to keep you posted on events at the Institute and the wider University. 

How long will we keep your data for? 

Library membership records will be kept for 5 year/s after your membership expires unless there is a legal requirement (such as a claim or complaint) to keep it for longer. 

How can I find out more? 

For questions about your library membership, please contact ials.libadmins@sas.ac.uk.You can find out more about your rights under data protection law, our policies and the contact details of our Data Protection Officer, at the following link: https://london.ac.uk/about-us/how-university-run/policies/data-protection 

Page last updated: 14th September 2020