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IALS Library entrance and exit

IALS Library

IALS Library is fully open to members. 

If you have a question, ask us through the "Chat with a Librarian" service available weekdays 9:30am to 5pm or email the reference desk at

Three cubes side by side on a blue back ground each with a sad, indifferent and happy face drawn on.  The cube with the happy face is held aloft by a hand.

IALS Library Reader Satisfaction Survey 2024

Answer a few questions and you could win £50!!

PhD thesis bound in blue with gold letters spelling out PhD laying horizontally on a wooden table.

How to get a PhD in Law 2024

MPhil/PhD law students from across the UK are warmly invited to attend these specially tailored days of presentations and networking opportunities at the IALS.

IALS Library user engaged in research

Reference Advice Appointments

Book a reference advice appointment online or onsite with one of our Academic Services Team for help with your research topic

Photo of IALS 2nd floor book stacks

Group Study Rooms

Book a group study room onsite from our dedicated terminal, online or from the touchscreen on the door of each room.

2nd floor of IALS Library displaying study desks and book stacks

IALS Library Reader Satisfaction Survey: Summary Results 2023

Read the summary results from our survey, conducted in March/April 2023

Two editions of Institutes of the Laws of England by Sir Thomas Coke displayed side by side in the IALS display cabinet on the 2nd floor.  Both editions are surrounded by other items in the display on two display shelves with the books in the middle.

Shakespeare’s First Folio – 400th anniversary display at IALS

Given Shakespeare’s influence on the English language as a whole, we thought it fitting to celebrate this event by showcasing material housed here at IALS