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Access : 20 years after last date on file; published material open

Administrative history: Directors of the Institute have been as follows:-
1947-1959 Sir David Hughes Parry MA, LLD
1960-1976 Sir Norman D Anderson OBE, MA, LLD
1976-1986 Professor A L Diamond LLM
1986-1988 Sir Jack Jacob QC, LLD, Dr Juris 
1988-1994 Professor T C Daintith MA
1995-2004 Professor B A K Rider LLB, MA, PhD (Lond), PhD (Cantab), Hon LLD 
2004-2013 Professor Avrom Sherr LLB, PhD, Solicitor
2013- present Mr Jules Winterton BA, LLB, MCLIP

The Director's functions are as follows:-
- to lay down policy directions for IALS
- to give academic leadership
- to ensure efficient management
- to represent IALS within the University and outside
- to participate on behalf of IALS in the direction and management of the School of Advanced Study

Scope and contents: the papers below consist of miscellaneous files identified to date as being those of the various Directors, and in Sir David Hughes Parry's case also cover his first two years as Chairman of the Committee of Management. Some personal papers of Parry’s are also included.  Further papers of these and of succeeding directors will be added to the IALS Archives as they are located.  As at April 2010 no papers of Dr Barry Rider and Dr Avrom Sherr have been transferred to the archive.

Access : 20 years after last date on file; published material open

System of arrangement : roughly chronological.

Related Material : it should be noted that Directors' correspondence and papers are frequently filed together with the IALS Secretaries' papers (see IALS 3-5).

Item list :

Reference Dates Description
IALS/02/01 1946-1962 Correspondence and papers of Sir David Hughes Parry (Director 1947-1959):-
IALS/02/01/01 1946-1962 Official correspondence
IALS/02/01/02 1948-1957 Personal correspondence
IALS/02/01/03 1949 Correspondence and papers relating to the Director’s visit to North America in Oct/Nov 1949
IALS/02/01/04 1950 Statement of development policy for 1952-1957
IALS/02/01/05 1955 Statement of development policy for 1957-1962
IALS/02/01/06 1954-1959 Parry’s annotated papers and correspondence as a member of the Law Reform Committee
IALS/02/02 1948-1976 Correspondence and papers of Sir Norman D Anderson (Director 1960-1976)
IALS/02/02/01 1948-1960 Statement of development policy for 1960 including historical material and papers relating to UGC visit
IALS/02/02/02 1950-1970 Statement of development policy for 1972-1977
IALS/02/02/03 1969-1970 “Miscellaneous papers relating to applications for Ford African-Asian junior research fellowships”.  Includes minutes of the Fellowship Sub-committee, Director’s correspondence and applications
IALS/02/02/04 1972-1976 Correspondence and papers relating to appeals for capital finance for the new Institute building (Charles Clore House)
IALS/02/02/05 1976 Correspondence and papers concerning invitations to the opening of Charles Clore House
IALS/02/02/06 1960 File: Committee on Legal Education for Africans
IALS/02/03 1981-1986 Correspondence and papers of Professor A L Diamond (Director 1976-1986)
IALS/02/03/01 1981-1982 Professor Diamond’s papers as Chairman, British Library working party on provision for law (1981-1982; more detailed papers comprising Muriel Anderson’s papers on the working party are at IALS 9/1): agenda, minutes and final report
IALS/02/03/02 1981 Correspondence and submissions
IALS/02/03/03 1982 Correspondence and submissions
IALS/02/03/04 1981-1982 Chairman’s notes, interim report and background papers
IALS/02/03/05 1983-1986 Responses to the report and discussion papers on future initiatives
IALS/02/04 1986-1987 Correspondence and papers of Sir Jack Jacob (Director 1986-1988)
IALS/02/04/01 1986-1987 Correspondence and papers concerning the 40th anniversary visit to the Institute of the Chancellor, HRH the Princess Anne on 23 Oct 1986
IALS/02/04/02 1987 Copy of Sir Jack’s paper titled “The Implications of the Naylor Report” [recommending a unified university library], 1987
IALS/02/04/03 1987 Correspondence file re Naylor and Megarry reports, inc copies of the reports, correspondence and responses.
IALS/02/04/04 c1986 Papers concerning the Megarry Report
IALS/02/05   Correspondence and papers of Terence Daintith (Director 1988-1994)
IALS/02/05/01   Files relating to the International Centre for Public Law.
IALS/02/05/01/01 1988-1995 Public Law Project:
IALS/02/05/01/02 1992-1995 “International Centre for Public Law: Legal Funding and Finance”
IALS/02/05/01/03 1993-1995 ICPL file
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