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Access: 20 years after last date on file; published material open

This series is in part a continuation of IALS 4 in that it comprises building, works and maintenance files of Drake, Steiner and Boxhall.  This new file series appears to have been instituted c.1966 to cover papers relating to the new building at Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square,.  The Institute moved into the new building in December 1975; it was officially opened on 1 April 1976.  The bulk of the files comprise Boxhall's papers as IALS Secretary, following the division of the dual function of the Secretary as librarian and administrator in 1971 into two components.  Arrangement is chronological; original file titles are given in inverted commas.

Item list:

Reference Dates Scope and contents
IALS/05/01 1959 File of press cuttings concerning proposed  creation of a University of London precinct
IALS/05/02 1961-1964 "New building: premises"
IALS/05/03 1963-1972 "New building: general notes"
IALS/05/04 1965-1976 "New building: services"
IALS/05/05 1968-1977 "New building: miscellaneous papers; development policy"
IALS/05/06 1968-1972 "New building: television"
IALS/05/07 1970-1971 "New building: furniture and fittings lists"
IALS/05/08 1970-1979 "New building: furniture grants - notes"
IALS/05/09 1972-1976 "New building: shelving"
IALS/05/10 1972-1976 "New building: telephones".  Includes plans
IALS/05/11 1972-1974 "New building: electrical services – kitchen"
IALS/05/12 1973-1977 "New building: maintenance"
IALS/05/13 1973-1976 "New building: opening ceremony"
IALS/05/14 1974 "New building: Howard Drake Room"
IALS/05/15 1974 "New building: the Council Room"
IALS/05/16 1974-1976 "New building: move"
IALS/05/17 1975 "New building: Sir Douglas Logan's room"
IALS/05/18 1975-1982 "[New building] premises: insurance" (earlier file at IALS 4/13)
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