IALS13/12:IALS research publications, 1956- 2005

Extent and form : 14 items

Scope and Contents: research publications either published by and in co-operation with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Access: open

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent
IALS/13/12/01 A Bibliographical Guide to the Law of the United Kingdom, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man 1956 1 item

Manual of Legal Citations, Part I: The British Isles

1959 1 item

Manual of Legal Citations, Part II: The British Commonwealth

1960 1 item

Louis Loss (ed) Multinational Approaches – Corporate Insiders, Second International Law Securities Conference

1975 1 item
IALS/13/12/05 Frank Wooldridge, Groups of Companies: The Law and Practice in Britain, France and Germany 1985 1 item
IALS/13/12/06 Tom Hadden, The Control of Corporate Groups 1983 1 item
IALS/13/12/07 Sir William Dale (ed) British and French Statutory Drafting: The Proceedings of the Franco-British Conference of 7 and 8 April 1986 1986 1 item

Terence Daintith, ‘Legal research and Legal values’, revised version of an inaugural lecture delivered at IALS on Nov 1, 1988, Modern Law Review, May 1989

Former ref codes: IALS 13/9; IALS 13/8/6
1989 1 item
IALS/13/12/09 Judith Freedman and Michael Godwin, Legal Form, Tax and the Micro Business 1991 1 item
IALS/13/12/10 Fiona Macmillan Patfield, Perspectives on Company Law: 1 1995 1 item

Barry Rider, Law at the Centre: the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at Fifty, Kluwer Law International, 1999

Former ref codes: IALS 13/12 and IALS 13/10
1999 1 item

W A Steiner, The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of the University of London 1947-1976

Former ref code: IALS 13/11/2
2000 1 item

Richard Moorhead, Professor Avrom Sherr and Sarah Rogers, Compensation for inadequate Professional Services, IALS, Apr 2000

Former ref codes: IALS 13/13 and IALS 13/11
2000 1 item
IALS/13/12/14 Dr Constantin Stefanou and Dr Helen Xanthaki (eds) Manual in European Union Approximation 2005 1 item
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