IALS15/04: Lists of Serials, 1988-1995

Extent and form : 6 items

Scope and Contents: lists of serials available on open shelves, produced annually.  These volumes were available in the library, sent out to subscribers and available for purchase at £5.

Please note, in this context a serial refers to a publication which is produced on a regular or semi-regular basis, indefinitely.  These lists therefore encompass journals but also law reports etc

Access : open

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent
IALS/15/04/01 List of Serials 1993/94 1994 1 volume
IALS/15/04/02 List of Serials 1994/95 1995 1 volume
IALS/15/04/03 List of Serials 1995/96 1996 Wanting
IALS/15/04/04 List of Serials 1996/97 1997 1 volume
IALS/15/04/05 List of Serials 1997/98 1998 1 volume
IALS/15/04/06 List of Serials 1999 1999 1 volume
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