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Extent: 117 volumes. 45 files, 28 booklets and 113 documents
Access: Printed and published material open. Unpublished material open after 20 years, except for material closed for 75 years in accordance with the Data Protection Act, for reasons of confidentiality and to protect personal privacy; access conditions are specified in the individual series descriptions.


Ref Description Dates
BCO/01 Constitution files 1883-1973
BCO/02 Regulations and By- Laws (Office copies) 1910-1970
BCO/03 Regulations and By- Laws (Library Copies) 1924-1981
BCO/04 Bar Council Minutes 1883-1950
BCO/05 Bar Committee Agenda Papers 1886-1891
BCO/06 Annual General Meeting of the Bar Agenda Papers 1899-1931
BCO/07 Register of Reports to the Bar Council 1883-1943
BCO/08 Executive Committee Minutes 1902-1952
BCO/09 Professional Conduct Committee Minutes 1896-1954
BCO/10 Professional Conduct Committee Attendance Book 1981-1985
BCO/11 Court Buildings Committee Minutes 1896-1958
BCO/12 Business and Procedure Committee Minutes 1896-1939
BCO/13 Special Committee Minutes 1909-1950
BCO/14 Law Reform Committee Minutes 1946-1957
BCO/15 External Relations Committee and Legal Education Committee Minutes 1946-1957
BCO/16 Legal Education Committee Minutes 1968-1973
BCO/17 Special Committee on a Central Organisation for the Inns of Court Minutes and Papers 1961
BCO/18 Annual Statements 1883/1884 - 1999
BCO/19 Annual Statements, (reference set) 1883/1884 - 1999
BCO/20 Annual Statements, (unbound set for reference) 1883/1884 - 1914
BCO/21 Election Registers 1896-1971
BCO/22 Election Records 1993-2008
BCO/23 Out Letter Copy Books 1884-1920
BCO/24 Account Books 1897-1954
BCO/25 Weekly Cash Ledger, 1950-1952
BCO/26 Bar Organisation Records 1969-1986
BCO/27 Royal Commission on Legal Services Submissions 1977-1978
BCO/28 Registry Files 1876-1987
BCO/29 Subject Files 1964-1982
BCO/30 Bar Council Periodicals 1982-2002 [wanting]
BCO/31 Bar Council Publications 1892-1978
BCO/32 Ephemera c1918-1949
BCO/33 Senate of the Four Inns of Court:  Minutes 1966-1974
BCO/34 Senate of the Four Inns of Court:  Executive Council Minutes 1962-1967
BCO/35 Senate of the Four Inns of Court : Complaints Committee Minutes 1967-1974
BCO/36 Senate of the Four Inns of Court Annual Statements 1966/1967 - 1972/1973
BCO/37 Inns of Court Bar Library in the Royal Courts of Justice Minutes 1882-1974
BCO/38 Standing Joint Committee on the Duties, Interests and Discipline of the Bar Proceedings 1894-1962
BCO/39 Council of the Inns of Court Minutes 1994-1995
BCO/40 Consolidated Regulations of the Four Inns of Court 1910-1945
BCO/41 Royal Commission Report 1855
BCO/42 Parliamentary Select Committee Reports 1834
BCO/43 Publications 1880 - c1969
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