Standing Conference on Legal Education Minutes

Address at time of writing c/o the Secretary, The Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Legal Education and Conduct, 8th Floor, Millbank Tower, Millbank, London SW1P 4QU. Ph 020 7217 4280. Fax 020 7217 4283

Following the disappearance of the old non-statutory Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee, there was no longer any forum in which those responsible for the provision of legal education could discuss matters of common concern; nor was there any regular machinery for communication between the world of legal education and the new, statutory Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Legal Education and Conduct. The then ACLEC Chairman, Lord Griffiths, therefore suggested the creation of a new forum in the shape of the Standing Conference on Legal Education (SCLE), and offered his own services as Chairman; meetings were also to be held at ACLEC. Financial support came from the Law Society and the Bar; an elected secretary was to carry out administrative work.

The Conference meets six monthly; representatives include both the practising professions and academic lawyers. It consists of 22 members nominated by the legal profession and by the main providers of legal education; these include the Bar, the Law Society, ICSL, ICBET (formerly CLE), the College of Law, the ALT, the SPTL, the Heads of University Law Schools, LETG, ILEX, ACLEC and the Lord Chancellor's Department. The Conference offers advice and assistance to ACLEC; no formal links between the two have been created as the attendance of meetings by the ACLEC Chairman and Secretary have rendered this unnecessary.

The first minute book of the Standing Conference was deposited in the Records of Legal Education Archives in 1997 by Professor Peter Birks, formerly the Secretary to the Conference.

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