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Quantity: 111 vols, 57 boxes, 69 folders
Access: all papers over 30 years old are open, other than the papers in classes A.CLE 55 and A.CLE 68, which are closed for 75 years to protect personal privacy. Where some pieces within a class are closed this is noted with the class description.

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A.CLE 1 1845-1962 Minutes and papers of Committees of the Inns of Court

A.CLE 2 1852-1997 Minutes of proceedings of the Council of Legal Education

A.CLE 3 1856-1864 Duplicate minutes of Council meetings

A.CLE 4 1968-1997 Council agenda, minutes and papers

A.CLE 5 1852-1995 Consolidated Regulations of the Four Inns of Court

A.CLE 6 1852-1933 Printed documents

A.CLE 7 1852-1915 Cash books

A.CLE 8 1864-1912 Records of vouchers for payments

A.CLE 9 1879-1912 CLE payments by the Inns of Court

A.CLE 10 1897-1915 Ledger, lecture payments

A.CLE 11 1861-1957 Examinations performance records

A.CLE 12 1866-1867 CLE letter book

A.CLE 13 1872-1881 Minute book of the Committee of the CLE on Education and Examinations

A.CLE 14 1893-1967 Annual Reports

A.CLE 15 1901-1991/2 CLE Calendars

A.CLE 16 1902 Draft joint report on Clifford's Inn and the sale of New Inn

A.CLE 17 1903-1922 Register of attendance at periodic lectures

A.CLE 18 1907-1995 Minute books of the Board of Studies

A.CLE 19 1968-1996 Board of Studies agenda, minutes and papers

A.CLE 20 1927-1951 Exemption cases books

A.CLE 21 1915-1997 Minute books of the Finance (later Finance and Administration) Committee

A.CLE 22 1945-1950 Duplicate Finance Committee minute book

A.CLE 23 1968-1996 Finance (later Finance and Administration) Committee agenda, minutes and papers

A.CLE 24 1942-1971 Finance Committee correspondence and papers

A.CLE 25 1905-1940 New Inn and Common Fund abstracts of accounts

A.CLE 26 1915-1965 New Inn Fund ledgers

A.CLE 27 1916-1952 New Inn Fund cash book

A.CLE 28 1915-1961 Common Fund ledgers

A.CLE 29 1924-1950 Common Fund cash books

A.CLE 30 1927-1942 Petty cash book

A.CLE 31 1945-1964 Audit book

A.CLE 32 1948-1959 Submissions for payment book

A.CLE 33 1949-1951 House Committee minute book

A.CLE 34 1950-1980 Income and expenditure books

A.CLE 35 1969-1984 Income and expenditure books, itemised accounts

A.CLE 36 1969-1980 Account book, special accounts

A.CLE 37 1970-1984 Payroll books

A.CLE 38 1971-1995 Audited annual accounts

A.CLE 39 1906-1967 Historical files, teaching and examinations

A.CLE 40 1937-1984 Historical files, CLE history and students

A.CLE 41 1951-1989 Historical files, miscellaneous reports and papers

A.CLE 42 1969-1984 Historical files, memoranda and reports on legal education

A.CLE 43 1966-1986 Historical files, miscellaneous correspondence

A.CLE 44 1967-1973 Chairman's correspondence

A.CLE 45 1960s-1991 Dean of Faculty's correspondence, alphabetically arranged

A.CLE 46 1980-1981 Dean's general correspondence and papers, chronologically arranged

A.CLE 47 1959-1994 Dean's overseas correspondence, alphabetically arranged

A.CLE 48 1972-1991 Dean's correspondence with university law schools, alphabetically arranged

A.CLE 49 1973-1995 Dean's correspondence and papers relating to financial matters, chronologically arranged

A.CLE 50 1962-1970 Special Committee on Legal Education/Legal Education Sub-committee records

A.CLE 51 1950-1966 Records relating to the Post Final Practical Training Course (PFPTC)

A.CLE 52 1963-1966 Records relating to changes in Part I of the Bar Examinations

A.CLE 53 1970-1991 Examination papers

A. CLE 54 1967-1980 Students' Welfare Committee records

A.CLE 55 1969-1982 Student appeals files (sample cases only)

A.CLE 56 1965 Report to the Inns of Court and the Council of the Law Society on the education of the two Branches of the Legal Profession and easier transfer between them (Diplock Report)

A.CLE 57 1966-1975 Papers relating to the Report of the Lord Chancellor's Committee on Legal Education (Ormrod Committee)

A.CLE 58 1972-1990 Advisory Committee on Legal Education papers

A.CLE 59 1973-1981 Common Professional Education Board records

A.CLE 60 1970 Incorporation Sub-Committee records

A.CLE 61 1976-1980 Submissions and papers relating to the Royal Commission on Legal Services (Benson Commission)

A.CLE 62 1985-1988 Practical Exercise Sub-committee (Potter Committee) papers

A.CLE 63 1987-1990 Curriculum Development Working Party records

A.CLE 64 1989-1996 Bar Vocational Course papers

A.CLE 65 1991-1993 Bar Examination Staff Working Party records

A.CLE 66 1992-1994 Further Education and Training for the Bar Working Party (Phillips Working Party) records

A.CLE 67 1989-1996 Papers relating to racial discrimination complaints

A.CLE 68 1992-1995 Discrimination Awareness Group records

A.CLE 69 1992-1993 Papers relating to the CLE response to the Committee of Inquiry into Equal Opportunities on the Bar Vocational Course (Barrow Inquiry)

A.CLE 70 1992-1996 Papers relating to the restructuring of the CLE

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