BIALL14/24: Professional Standards, 1974-2007

Extent and Form: 5 files

Scope and Contents: Series of files relating to professional standards.

Access:  Open after 10 years

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and Contents
BIALL/14/24/01 Sub-Committee on Standards 1974-1983 1 file Includes terms of reference and minutes.
BIALL/14/24/02 BIALL Standards and Recommended Book Holdings 1981-1983 1 file Copies of Law Librarian December 1981 and January 1983 which contain Standards for Law Libraries.
BIALL/14/24/03 Sub-Committee on Multiple Copies in Law Libraries 1970-1972 1 file Minutes and reports.
BIALL/14/24/04 Sub-Committee on Staffing in University Law Libraries 1979-1981 1 file Correspondence and replies to questionnaire.
BIALL/14/24/05 SPTL 1985-1995 1 file Correspondence re SPTL and standards for law libraries.
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