BIALL26/04: BIALL publications, 1971-2006

Extent and Form: 10 volumes

Scope and Contents:

Access: Open

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent
BIALL/26/04/01 British and Irish Association of Law Librarians Report of the Committee on Co-Operation 1971 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/02 Community Law, compiled by CR Lutyens 1973 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/03 Manual of Law Librarianship, ed Elizabeth M Moys 1976 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/04 Manual of Law Librarianship, 2nd edition, ed Elizabeth M Moys 1987 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/05 Index to Legal Essays, ed Barbara Tearle 1983 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/06 Bibliography of Commonwealth Law Reports, ed Walter Breem and Sally Phillips 1991 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/07 Sources of Biographical Information on Past Lawyers, Guy Holborn 1999 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/08 Reviews of Sources of Biographical Information 1999 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/09 A History of the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians 1969-1999, Mary Blake 2000 1 volume
BIALL/26/04/10 BIALL Handbook of Legal Information Management, ed Loyita Worley 2006 1 volume
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