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All published material open; other items open after 10 years, except for specified items containing personal or sensitive information, which are closed for 75 years under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Class List of Series
Ref. Sub. Ref. Description Dates
BIALL/01   AGM Documents 1969-2009
BIALL/02   Annual Reports Presented at the AGM 1969/70 - 2008/09
BIALL/03   Annual Study Conference 1970-2009
BIALL/04   Conference Planning and Conference Committee Records 1977-2009
BIALL/05   Constitution, Rules, Regulations, and Standing Orders 1969-2008
BIALL/06   BIALL Council General Files 1993-2006
BIALL/07   (Council) Minutes 1969-2008
BIALL/08   Files on Council Related Matters 1972-2001
BIALL/09   Administration 1973-2005
BIALL/10   Allied Groups 1982-2006
BIALL/11   BIALL History 1964-1999
BIALL/12   BIALL Logo and Name 1981-2002
BIALL/13   Charitable Status 1976-1984
BIALL/14   Committees and Services 1967-2009
  BIALL/14/01 Committees and Services 1976-2009
  BIALL/14/02     Acquisitions Sub-Committee 1972-1975
  BIALL/14/03 Standing Committee on Automation and Union Catalogues 1971-1976
  BIALL/14/04 Awards and Bursaries Committee 1993-2009
  BIALL/14/05 Bibliographical Enquiry Service 1980
  BIALL/14/06 British Library 1982
  BIALL/14/07 Standing Committee on Cataloguing and Classification 1967-1995
  BIALL/14/08 Committee on Co-operation 1970-1973
  BIALL/14/09 Sub-committee on Court Libraries 1972-1980
  BIALL/14/10 Duplicates Exchange Scheme 1971-1993
  BIALL/14/11 Standing Committee on Education and Training 1972-1994
  BIALL/14/12 Standing Committee on Library Provision and Information Services (SCOLPIS) 1976-1997
  BIALL/14/13 Standing Committee on Legal Information Provision (SCOLIP) 1992-1999
  BIALL/14/14 Legal Information Group 1995-2009
  BIALL/14/15 Membership Services Committee 1993-2009
  BIALL/14/16 Nominations 1994-1996
  BIALL/14/17 Official Publications Standing Committee 1977-1995
  BIALL/14/18 Standing Committee on Overseas Representation 1984-1992
  BIALL/14/19 Standing Committee on Professional Standards and Development (SCOPSAD) 1993-2009
  BIALL/14/20 Public Relations and Promotions Committee 1997-2009
  BIALL/14/21 Publications 1972-2008
  BIALL/14/22 Special Interest Groups 1989-2002
  BIALL/14/23 Sponsorship 1994-1996
  BIALL/14/24 Professional Standards 1974-2007
  BIALL/14/25 Standing Committee on Strategy and Finance 1992-2007
  BIALL/14/26 Web Editorial Board 1996-2008
BIALL/15   Equipment and Supplies 1986-1992
BIALL/16   Finance 1970-2009
BIALL/17   Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 1985-1992
BIALL/18   Insurance 1976-1988
BIALL/19   Marketing 1989-1990
BIALL/20   Membership 1972-2006
BIALL/21   Memoranda 1967-2001
BIALL/22   Photographs 1976-2008
BIALL/23   President: Correspondence from or relating to 1972-2004
BIALL/24   Salaries 1983-2006
BIALL/25   Statistics 1971-1994
BIALL/26   Publications 1970-2010
  BIALL/26/01 The Law Librarian/Legal Information Management 1970-2010
  BIALL/26/02 Newsletters 1983-2010
  BIALL/26/03 Directories of British and Irish Law Libraries 1976-2006
  BIALL/26/04 BIALL publications 1971-2006
  BIALL/26/05 BIALL Legal Research Training Packs 2011-2013
BIALL/27   Records of Legal Information Management Editorial Board 1994-2006
  BIALL/27/01 Records of Meetings of the Editorial Board 1995-2006
  BIALL/27/02 Finance and management records 1997-2004
  BIALL/27/03 Correspondence files 1994-2006
  BIALL/27/04 Legal Information Management Marketing Reports 2004-2006
  BIALL/27/05 Subject Files 2001-2006
BIALL/28   Constitution, Rules, Regulations, Standing Orders and Strategic Reviews 1993-2006
BIALL/29   Council Minutes 2009-2012
BIALL/30   Papers presented to Council 1996-2012
BIALL/31   Lists of Council Members  
BIALL/32   Consultations and Official Responses 2009
BIALL/33   Awards and Bursaries Committee 1996-2010
BIALL/34   Cataloguing Rules Committee 1973-1975
BIALL/35   Conference Committee and planning papers 1994-2007
  BIALL/35/01 Conference Committee Minutes and papers 1994-2004
  BIALL/35/02 Papers assembled by David Hart re Conference planning 1998-2007
  BIALL/35/03 Conference correspondence and planning 1991-2013
  BIALL/35/04 Delegate Packs and publicity 1986-2008
  BIALL/35/05 Conference Photographs 1995
BIALL/36   Editorial Board of the Law Librarian 1990-2000
BIALL/37   Legal Information Group 2010-2011
BIALL/38   Nominations and Volunteers Committee 2012-2013
BIALL/39   Professional Development Committee 2012-2013
  BIALL/39/01 Professional Development Committee Minutes 1994-2013
BIALL/40   Publications Committee 2003-2014
  BIALL/40/01 Publications Committee Minutes 2009-2014
  BIALL/40/02 Reports to Council 2012-2013
  BIALL/40/03 Proposals to Council 2011-2012
  BIALL/40/04 Publications Administration 2003-2014
BIALL/41   Committee on PR and Promotion 2008-2012
  BIALL/41/01 Agendas and Minutes 2008-2012
BIALL/42   Strategy and Finance Committee 2009-2012
BIALL/43   Supplier Liaison Group 2013
BIALL/44   Wallace Breem Memorial Award Committee 1990-2005
BIALL/45   Records of the Web Editorial Board 1998-2013
  BIALL/45/1  Web Minutes 1998-2013
  BIALL/45/2  Papers of the Web Editorial Board 2000-2013
BIALL/46   Willi Steiner Memorial Lecture Committee 2003-2007
BIALL/47   Standing Committee on Membership Services 1994-1999
BIALL/48   Standing Committee on Publications 1994-1999
BIALL/50   Association of Law Librarians in Central England, 21st century  
BIALL/51   AGM 2010-2012
BIALL/52   Chair and President’s Papers 1995-2012
  BIALL/52/1  Papers of Jules Winterton (Chair 1994 to 1995) 1995-1999
  BIALL/52/02 Loyita Worley, (Chair 1998-1999) 1996-1999
  BIALL/52/03 Elaine Blaxter (Chair 1999-2000) 1999
  BIALL/52/04 Susan Scorey, (President 2010-2011) 2009-2012
  BIALL/52/05 Barbara Tearle, (Chair 1995-1996) 1996
BIALL/53   Honorary Secretary’s records 1993-2003
BIALL/54   Finance Records 1997-2013
  BIALL/54/01 Annual Accounts 2011-2014
  BIALL/54/02 Honorary Treasurer’s Correspondence 2000-2013
BIALL/55   Membership records 1985-2011
BIALL/56   Joint Study Institute 1997-2013
  BIALL/56/01 Joint Study Institute Delegate Packs 2013
  BIALL/56/02 Joint Study Institute Planning and Admin 1997-2006
BIALL/57   Press Cuttings and Articles 2010
BIALL/58   Legal Agreements 2003
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