BIALL4: Conference Planning and Conference Committee Records, 1977-2009

Extent and Form : 13 files

Administrative History: The Conference Committee was set up after the 1996 Conference in order to co-ordinate future conferences.

Scope and Contents: Papers relating to the organization of the conference, and of the Conference Committee.

Access: Open after 10 years from the last date on file

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and Contents

Conference Organisation: Papers to Council etc

1989-2003 1 file File compiled by Mary Blake of papers and reports regarding format of the conference and its organisation.
BIALL/04/02 (BIALL Conference Committee) Annual Reports 2001-2009 1 file These are copies of the reports presented at the AGM.
BIALL/04/03 Minutes: Papers relating to meetings of Conference Committees before the formal establishment of the Conference Committee 1993-1996 1 file  
BIALL/04/04 (Conference Committee) Minutes 2001-2005 1 file  
BIALL/04/05 Conferences post 1981: Sub Committee on Future Conferences 1979-1997 1 file Includes papers relating to the Sub-Committee on Future Conferences (convened 1979-1980), and surveys and questionnaires relating to conferences.
BIALL/04/06 Joint Conferences: (Papers re potential joint conference with AALL in 1979) 1977 1 item  
BIALL/04/07 First JSI (Joint Study Institute) Conference 1996-1998 1 folder Inc delegate pack, conference planning progress reports.
BIALL/04/08 JSI (Joint Study Institute)1998 1997-1998 1 file Conference organisation file
BIALL/04/09 JSI (Joint Study Institute)2006 2004-2005 1 folder Conference Committee reports to BIALL Council
BIALL/04/10 Conference Grants 1979-2004 1 file Inc correspondence and documents re policy and procedure
BIALL/04/11 Quinquennial Review of Grants 1984-1987 1 file  
BIALL/04/12 CLW ( College of Librarianship Wales ) Bursary 1983-1991 1 file Inc correspondence with bursary recipients.
BIALL/04/13 Notes for Conference Organisers 1973-1991 1 file Copies of semi-regularly updated "Notes for Conference Organisers"
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