(BIALL) Archives, 1969-2010

Scope and content/abstract:

The core of this material represents the papers created, gathered in and arranged by Mary Blake in her roles as BIALL's Honorary Secretary, Vice President and President, its historian and its honorary archivist. The files (BIALL/01-BIALL/25) represent a working filing system which supported these five roles.

BIALL/01 to BIALL/08 were designated by Blake as primary records and comprise AGM papers, records of the Annual Conference and its administration, the constitutional records of BIALL, and Council Minutes and papers.

Series BIALL/09-BIALL/25 were designated as secondary files and are effectively a set of subject files arranged in alphabetical order. In particular, Committees and Services (BIALL 14) contains minutes, annual reports and reports from the various Standing and Sub-Committees and Working Groups which have been convened by BIALL. These files often contain photocopies of subject-relevant material from elsewhere in the collection, as well as Mary Blake's own annotations regarding the history of a committee or indicating where minutes have not been transferred to the archive.

In addition to this filing structure, there are also

  • Publications (BIALL/26)
  • Records of the Legal Information Management Editorial Board which had been transferred to Mary Blake but had not been integrated into the filing structure (BIALL/27)


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