Records of Legal Education Archives at IALS

The Records of Legal Education Archives (RLEA) were established at IALS as part of the Records of Legal Education Project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, to provide a home for the records of individuals and agencies prominent in the field of legal education where no alternative place of custody could be found.

Quick location guidesheet (PDF). A detailed printed Guide to the Records of Legal Education Archives is available for consultation at IALS Global Law Library and at the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts. The Guide lists records in alphabetical order by depositing agency, with detailed lists of series (functional groups) and item lists of records. You can browse through links in the RLEA finding list below or search on the SHLs Archives Database.

For information about access to materials, visit About the Archives. Most records are open for consultation but some restrictions have been placed on access to material as specified by depositors. These restrictions are noted in the introduction to each entry.               

Page last updated: 2nd May 2018