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The Society for Advanced Legal Studies (SALS), established in 1997, is the successor body to the Friends of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. The Friends were established in 1989 to foster the interests of the IALS which holds what is in effect the UK's national law library and which is at the centre of legal research. SALS is a learned society consisting of scholars, practitioners and those involved in the administration of justice from the UK and around the world. Its objectives are to promote and facilitate legal research at an advanced level and in particular to engender greater collaboration between scholars and those involved in the practice of law. The Society seeks to achieve these objectives through a number of initiatives including organising and supporting specialised working groups, lectures and conferences.

The Constitution of the SALS provides for an Advisory Council of persons drawn from academia, practitioners and the judiciary from the UK and overseas. During its first year there is a transitional executive committee, chaired by the Director of IALS, and an interim advisory council.

At present no information is available on the extent, content and accessibility of the administrative records of SALS or its predecessor. The Society has entered into an informal agreement with the Records of Legal Education Archives to deposit its non-current records with the Archives as the need arises. The Society has to date deposited archive copies of its journal, Amicus Curiae, in the Archives (see below).

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