Archives of Organisation:

A brief overall survey of the Institute's records was undertaken in 1996 as part of the Records of Legal Education Project, a research study conducted with the support of the Institute.  A further small-scale project to identify specific archival records of relevance to the compilation of the 50th anniversary history of the Institute was undertaken in 1997. These records were separated from their original context and placed in the Archives for safe keeping. The papers listed below have been identified using the findings of both surveys, but at present consist only of those records identified in the smaller survey and some isolated records deposited in the Archives at various times following the second survey.  It proved impossible, primarily due to loss of original file covers and original order, to reorganise these files with a complete degree of certainty in their original order, though every attempt has been made to do so.  It is hoped that some at least will be reunited with the remaining files in their original series at a later date. 

Subsequent accessions of material were added to the collection as part of a cataloguing backlog project in 2010. Further accruals are expected.

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