Scope and content/abstract: Papers of the International Association of Law Libraries, consisting of: IALL constitutional documents (1994 - 2002); Annual General meetings; Annual reports and Accounts; Directors Files (1986 - 1996); Treasurers files (1979 - 1995); IALL Courses: proceedings and correspondence (1975 - 2005); IALL Messenger (1986 - 1988); IALL Newsletter (1976 - 1979); IALL Bulletin (1964 - 1971); IJLI (1992 - 1995); IALL Publications correspondence (19973 - 2001); Directories and lists of members (1986 - 87); IFLA Conference participation (1977 - 1990); Miscellaneous files (1998 - 2001).

The nature of IALL - an international organisation based on a three year term of office for its officials - means that there was no corporate record keeping system. Rather each member of the board, and indeed each active member of the organisation, would maintain their own files which often form a continuous record of their involvement with the Association, rather than according to the roles they undertook. The bulk of the archive, therefore, comprises such files. In addition, there are also publications, printed matter from training events and the brass logo stamp.

Record types noted within named individual's files include: constitutional documents; AGM papers; Board Meeting Minutes and related papers; financial records; training event preparation and administration; and general correspondence. As far as possible, specific record types within files have been noted in the file level description. However, researchers interested in a particular topic or period would be advised to look at all the relevant individuals' files.

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