Biographical Note: William Lawrence Twining (b.1934) has had a long and distinguished career in law teaching and has been involved in many projects relating to legal education.  He was educated at Charterhouse School, Brasenose College, Oxford and the University of Chicago. 

University posts:

Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Khartoum (1958-1961)
Senior Lecturer in Law at University College, Dar-es-Salaam (1961-1965)
Professor of Jurisprudence at the Queen's University, Belfast (1965-1972)
Professor of Law at the University of Warwick (1972-1982)
Quain Professor of Jurisprudence at University College London (1983-1996)

Director of University of London LLM Review (1992-1993)

Other activities

Editor of Law In Context series, 1961-1991
membership of the Committee on Legal Education in Northern Ireland (1972-1974)
presidency of the SPTL (1978-1979)
presidency of the UK Society for Legal and Social Philosophy (1980-1983)
chairmanship of the Bentham Committee (1982- )
chairmanship of the CLEA (1983-1993)


Publications include: How to do things with rules with David Miers (1976); editor of Law publishing and legal information: small jurisdictions of the British Isles with Jennifer Uglow (1981); Theories of evidence: Bentham and Wigmore (c1985); editor of Legal theory and common law (1986); editor of Essays on Kelsen with Richard Tur (1986); editor of Learning lawyers' skills with Neil Gold and Karl Mackie (1989); editor of Access to legal education and the legal profession with Rajeev Dhavan and Neil Kibble (1989); Rethinking evidence: exploratory essays (1990); editor of Issues of self-determination (1991); Analysis of evidence: how to do things with facts with Terence Anderson (1991); editor of Evidence and proof with Alex Stein (1992); joint editor of Legal Records in the Commonwealth with Emma Varnden Quick (Aldershot, Dartmouth, 1994); Blackstone's tower: the English law school (1994); Law in context: enlarging a discipline (1997); edited the Law in Context series and the Jurists' series.  See the IALS online library catalogue for further publications.

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