Class List of Series

SLSA/1 Minutes, Agenda and Papers of Executive Committee and Predecessor bodies, 1989-1996
SLSA/2 Minutes, Agendas and Papers of the Annual General Meetings, 1990-1994; 2001; 2009-2013
SLSA/3 Correspondence of Professor Martin Partington (Chairman 1993-1996), 1989-1996
SLSA/4 Papers Relating to the Response of SLSA to the ESRC Review of Socio-Legal Studies, 1993
SLSA/5 Papers and Proceedings of the Annual Conferences and Postgraduate Conferences, 1993-2013
SLSA/6 Socio-Legal Newsletter, 1989-2010
SLSA/7 SLSA Directory, 1995-2004
SLSA/8 Socio-Legal Research Directory, 1993
SLSA/9 Publications, 1996
SLSA/10  Financial Records, 1989-2004
SLSA/10/1 Income and Expenditure, 1994-2003
SLSA/10/2 Annual Financial Records, 2001-2004
SLSA/10/3 Loose financial records ,1989-2003
SLSA/10/4 Research Grant papers,2002-2004
SLSA/10/5 Papers distributed to the Executive Committee and collated by Mary Seneviratne, 21st century
SLSA/11  Conference planning papers, 2001-2013
SLSA/12 Papers relating to the 2014 REF, 2011-2013
SLSA/13  Philip Thomas’s papers as a member of SLSA, 1972-1994
SLSA/14 Executive Committee minutes, 1972-1994
SLSA/15  Papers of Nick Wikeley as a member of the Executive Committee, 1994-1997
SLSA/16  Executive Committee Meeting papers, 2008-2012
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