IALS Offsite Store

Offsite store

Material held in store offsite is indicated on the library online catalogue http://ials.sas.ac.uk/catalogue.htm by the location statement "IALS OFFSITE STORE". It can be retrieved for use at IALS normally within 72 hours of a request being placed.

Requesting material from the offsite store ahead of your visit to the library

We recommend that materials are requested in advance, prior to your visit to the library. Please check the online catalogue and email details to us at: ials@sas.ac.uk or telephone our Library Enquiries service on 020 7862 5790. Library Subscribers are encouraged to use the dedicated ex-directory enquiries hotline.

Requests made in person at the Library Enquiry Desk will be processed as soon as possible to ensure delivery from the store in the first available session.

The material selected for offsite storage includes US journals and law reports where we have full text alternatives available electronically at IALS via the Electronic Law Library section of the Institute's website.

Page last updated: 6th June 2016