About the List of Serials

About the List

This electronic List of Serials offers an alphabetical list of serials resources available on open access in the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Library and via the Library's computers. It includes links to electronic legal materials on the World Wide Web and electronic subscription services. The List was originally compiled for use as a quick reference alternative to the main catalogues and designed as a finding list for use within the Library not as a bibliographic listing of all serials held by the Library. For a comprehensive listing of all our serials holdings including items held in our depository collection , please search the library catalogue under title.

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Searching the List of Serials

Select the first letter of the title you require from the list below to jump to the appropriate section of the List of Serials.

Then use the "Find" facility in your browser to search more precisely for titles or keywords in the List of Serials.

For a list of selected abbreviations, please check the front of the List of Serials available on every library floor or click here for abbreviations list .

For The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations click here.

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Key to Symbols

See the Key below for a guide to the type of coverage offered by the IALS library.

FULL Full text free Internet resource
SAS SAS resource available from Library Catalogue
IALS IALS resource available from Library Catalogue
WL Westlaw electronic resource available onsite and remote access to academic users.Also available for use with personal password from Westlaw
PW Password required. UofL users click here for password file. Library card needed. Other academic members please ask at the Enquiry Desk to access password file

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Coverage the list of serials includes:

  • All serials on open access in the Library.
  • Legislation: listed by jurisdiction, general Library locations are given.
  • Law reports, digests, journals: listed by title.
  • Official publications of government bodies (serials only): listed by jurisdiction (except those for Great Britain or England and Wales which are listed directly under the name of the body).
  • Official publications of international organizations (serials only): listed by name of organization.
  • Electronic journals available on the World Wide Web: listed by title with hypertext links to the journals themselves. Many titles appear several times under alternative names, including colloquial names (e.g. White book) and some commonly used but slightly incorrect names (e.g. Yearbook as well as Year Book).

The list of serials excludes:

  • Earlier names; many serials have changed their names and sometimes only the most recent name appears in this list. Earlier names are being added and more will appear in each future edition.
  • Older serials, including many nineteenth century titles, which are kept in a closed basement collection do not appear in this list. The large majority of these titles are no longer currently published.

N.B. If you do not find a periodical on this list please do not assume that the Library does not have it. ALWAYS check the main catalogue for details of all the Library's serials.

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Electronic Sources

The scope of electronic sources varies from title to title. Entries in this list try to identify and indicate the depth of coverage where known.

Home Page Publication, editorial and subscription information only
Contents Page Additionally includes a table of contents service
Index Additionally includes an index to one or more issues
Abstracts Additionally includes summaries of articles in printed version
Full Text Additionally includes online access to full text issues

The List of Serials does not, at present, include holdings information. There is a complete set in the Library of many titles listed, but there are gaps in the collections of other titles, particularly pre-war titles.

The online catalogue gives holdings information and additional details on exact current holdings are obtainable at the Enquiry Desk on the 2nd floor or by telephone.

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Page last updated: 18th July 2018