IALL Survey

A Survey of Major Law Libraries Around the World

David Gee, IALS Deputy Librarian and Academic Services Manager, has been conducting a global survey about research support services in the major law libraries around the world. The findings from this research will be published in a report shortly. A pre-print of the report is linked below. The detailed comparative data which forms the appendices to the report are available here on the web.

Gee, David (2013) A survey of major law libraries around the world (PDF)

The global development of legal information needs and services has continued to stimulate much professional discussion in recent years. This detailed report, and the comparative assessments and analysis it aims to provide, follow from one of the first global surveys of major law libraries around the world to take account of the present period of challenges and change. The report analyses the results of a comprehensive survey of 124 major law libraries world wide undertaken from April to June 2012.



Picture of David Gee outside the entrance to the Max Planck Institute in Germany

For further information, please contact: David Gee, Deputy Librarian, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies david.gee@sas.ac.uk

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