Booking a Carrel

Library Research Carrels adjacent to the main reading rooms in IALS Library are available for rental per calendar week or part week:

Please contact the IALS Library Administrative Office to check availability.

Carrel Fees

Open carrel with daylight
£8.60 per calendar week or part week

Open carrel without daylight
by arrangement for QM and UCL research students

Rental charges as of 28th September 2015.

Download Carrel Booking form. Completed Carrel Booking forms should be sent to:

The Library Administrative Officer 
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 
17 Russell Square 
London WC1B 5DR

by Fax: 020 7862 5770 or by email:

Further information and Carrel Booking forms can also be supplied on request. Please mail, fax, or email (as above) or call 020 7862 5802

Page last updated: 9th September 2016