Copyright Awareness

On Friday 31st October 2003 the EU Directive on Copyright (2001/29/EC) was incorporated into UK law by the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003 (SI 2003 no. 2498). As a result, UK copyright law now imposes new strict limitations on the circumstances under which material may be copied.

Copying for a non-commercial purpose , such as copying for academic research or for private study, remains unaffected. Only a reasonable proportion of a work can be copied and the following guidelines apply:

  • Up to 5% or one complete chapter (whichever is the greater) from a book
  • Up to 5% or one whole article (whichever is the greater) from a single issue of a journal
  • Up to 5% or one single case (whichever is the greater) from a published volume of law reports

Under the law in order to make copies of material in the Library for a commercial purpose you must first purchase a licence under the CLA's Library Licence scheme for £24 (inc. VAT) per item at the Issue & Enquiry desk, unless the copyright on the item has expired (the CLA guideline is 120 years), the copyright has been explicitly waived by the copyright holder, or if you have written permission from the copyright holder to make a copy. Copying for Judicial Proceedings remains unaffected.

For further information about the CLA Library Licence scheme please click here


Page last updated: 24th February 2020