Use of Digital Cameras

Use of a digital camera in IALS Library to make copies for non-commercial research or private study

It is possible for IALS Library members to make limited use of personal digital cameras at IALS Library to make copies of articles or chapters from books.

You can only use your camera on the 2nd floor of the Library, near the Enquiry Desk, and not on any other floor.

If you are using a camera, the rules for photocopying for research or private study still apply.  For details of what is permitted, please see Copyright Awareness information below.  

Copyright Awareness

For information about the copyright restrictions which apply when making copies in the Library please see the Copyright Awareness page.

Special items

The following items may not be photographed without the permission of the Library staff:

  • Books published before 1800
  • Books in need of repair
  • Looseleaf volumes
  • Theses and Dissertations

Depending on age and/or condition some material may not be deemed suitable for photocopying, scanning or digital photography.

Self-service Photocopying, Scanning and Printing

Self-service photocopiers, scanners and printers are available on the 2nd floor of the Library and in the Reading Room on floor L2. The machines are operated by IALS Library cards associated with IALS Pharos copy payment account system.

Page last updated: 18th July 2018