As a member-library of the University of London Senate House Libraries, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Library participates in the SCONUL Access Scheme.

What is the SCONUL Access Scheme?

Full details explaining how this national reciprocal access and borrowing scheme works are available on the SCONUL Access website at:

Who can be admitted to IALS Library under this scheme?

As University of London Senate House Libraries have joined the scheme under "Band A", the following groups of users can join IALS Library, using SCONUL Access documentation:

A permanent member of staff or a member of staff on a fixed term contract
A postgraduate research student registered for a PhD or MPhil degree
How to apply and what documentation do you need to bring with you?

  • a) Complete the SCONUL Access application form online:
  • b) Once your application is approved by your own university library, please print out the confirmation email and bring this to IALS Library.
  • c) You will also need to bring along your university ID card or library card (you do not need to bring a passport photograph with you).

You will be given a provisional library card which will give you immediate access.

If you want to borrow books you will, in addition, need to complete an IALS Library application form. A full library card can normally be issued to you between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. This will enable you to borrow books. Please note that outside of these times, it is not always possible to process full library cards on demand.

How many books can I borrow from IALS Library?

With your full IALS Library card you may:

  • Borrow up to THREE main collection books (one day loan) 
  • Borrow up to TWO Short Loan books (3 hour or overnight loan)

Please note that fines will be charged on items returned late, and outstanding loans may be reported to your home library.

A full list of member libraries participating in the SCONUL Access Scheme is available at:

Further Information

Researchers with SCONUL Access documentation wanting access and borrowing at IALS Library should contact:

Claire Miller
Library Administrative Officer
Tel: +020 7862 5801

Further information for SAS registered research students wanting access and borrowing at other member libraries of the SCONUL Access scheme is available at:

Page last updated: 17th August 2020