Air and Space Law

Air and Space Law is part of the HeinOnline service. This module provides users with access to a collection of books, reports, legislative histories, periodicals, scholarly articles and more.


Air and Space Law is available onsite to all academic IALS Library users. Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students, University of London law staff and students (including LLM students) via a current IALS Library card or SAScard.


The collection is sub-categorised into materials on outer space (matters above and beyond Earth) and suborbital space (matters concerned with Earth-bound air travel). 
In the outer space collections users can find materials dealing with NASA, the Space Shuttle Programme, the Hubble and James Webb Telescopes, efforts to go to Mars, satellites, space debris, space stations, and international conventions and treaties. 
In the suborbital space collection users can find materials dealing with airline operations, pilot regulations, air traffic control regulation, technology, drones, helicopters, balloons and dirigibles. 

The collection contains hundreds of books, ranging in date from the 1900s to present day, government documents, legislative histories, periodicals and hundreds of individual scholarly articles selected by the HeninOnline editors. 


The Advanced Search screen offers many options, including full-text, creator/author and title. It is also possible to limit the search by document type (e.g. books, periodicals, reports, etc) and date. Boolean connectors and proximity connectors are available. 
It is possible to browse content types within the broad categories of outer space and suborbital space. All browse options are available from the Air and Space Law homepage. 

Help Files 

Use the Law Air & Space Law LibGuide to find out more about the collection and see tips for using it. Once Air & Space Law is open, the LibGuide is available from the breadcrumb trail near the top of the page.