Beck-Online is a German law database provided by Beck Publishing. IALS Library’s subscription covers four subject-based modules, three legislation modules, and one module containing journals and cases.  


Beck-Online is available on-site to all academic members of IALS Library, and off-site to IALS Library members from the University of London.

The modules covered by our subscription are listed on the orange tab, ‘Unser beck-online’ (Our Beck-Online), as shown below:

Image of Beck Online modules


IALS Library’s subscription covers the following modules of Beck-Online:

Subject-based modules:

  • Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz PLUS (Intellectual Property Law Plus):  IP, media and competition law material, including journals, books, legislation and cases;*
  • IT-Recht PLUS (IT Law Plus): IT, multimedia and data protection material, including journals, books, legislation and cases;*
  • Urheber-, Press- und Medienrecht PLUS (Copyright and Media Law PLUS): copyright and medial law material, including Schricker/Loewenheim, Urheberrecht, Löffler, Presserecht, and other books; cases, journals, legislation and forms;*
  • Datenschutz- und Informationsfreiheitsrecht PREMIUM (Data Protection and Freedom of Information law PREMIUM):  commentaries, handbooks, journals, cases, legislation and forms concerning data protection, freedom of information and related areas of law.
  • Verfassungsrecht PLUS (Constitutional Law Plus):  German and European constitutional and human rights material, including the leading commentary on the German constitution, Dürig/Herzog/Scholz (formerly Maunz/Dürig), other commentaries, the journal Zeitschrift für Rechtspolitik, cases, legislation and news.​

*To see the difference between the first three modules, refer to the tab, ‘Modulvergleich’ (Module Comparison).


  • NJW PLUS:  this module contains the long-running weekly law journal, Neue Juristiche Wochenscrift (NJW); several other journals; the law report, NJW-Rechtsprechungs-Report (NJW-RR); and other cases and commentary.


  • NomosOnline Bundesrecht: a comprehensive collection of German federal laws (Normen), with commentary (Erläuterungen), the online version of the multi-volume work, Das Deutsche Bundesrecht;
  • Sartorius Plus, a collection of German constitutional and administrative legislation; online version of the looseleaf work, Sartorius, Verfassungs- und Verwaltungsgesetze;
  • Habersack PLUS (formerly Schőnfelder Plus), a compilation of German civil, criminal and procedural legislation; online version of the looseleaf work, Deutsche Gesetze.  


Basic and advanced search facilities are available: Suche and Detailsuche

To limit your search to content covered by IALS Library’s subscription, click on Suchbereich and select Unser beck-online, as shown below:

Beck search box

To search for cases, select Rechtsprechung from the Unser Beck-online tab.


Content covered by IALS Library’s subscription can be browsed on the ’Unser beck-online’ tab, by module, area of law or type of material (books, journals, cases, legislation).

Printing and emailing 

Documents can be printed or emailed using the icons towards the top of the page, on the right.