CaseBase is a case citator and journal index covering Australia and New Zealand.


Casebase is available in IALS Library to all readers. 

IALS does not subscribe to other parts of LexisNexis Australia. However, it does subscribe to Lexis Library, which includes a substantial amount of Australian materials.


Casebase consists of a case citator, CaseBase Cases, and an index to law journals, CaseBase Journal Articles. Both include summaries, but not the full text.

CaseBase Cases covers reported and unreported cases from Australia and New Zealand.

Casebase Journal Articles covers approximately 100 law journals, mainly from Australia, but some from New Zealand or the UK. 


The home page provides a Quick Find facility. More detailed search screens are available if you click on the beige "Cases" or "Journals" buttons, towards the top-left corner.  For example, the detailed Journals screen allows you to search by author or citation, which is not possible using Quick Find.


Because of the nature of these particular databases, browsing is of limited applicability.  However, a link on the home page allows you to display alphabetical lists of article titles from CaseBase Journal Articles. Browsing is not offered for CaseBase Cases.


"Help" links can be found on all screens.  The detailed Case and Journals search screens also offer a "Search tips" link.

Printing, emailing and downloading

You can print, e-mail or download your results, in brief or in full, using the icons on the top right of your search results screen.