Le Doctrinal Plus is a French law database consisting of a law journal index; full-text French legislation, cases and parliamentary questions; and EU official publications. 


The database is available on-site to academic members of IALS Library. Remote access is available to IALS staff, fellows and students and to staff, fellows and students from other SAS institutes.


Le Doctrinal, a French journal index covering more than 300 journals and about 35 celebratory essay collections (mélanges). Most of the titles indexed are in French, but a few are in English. No full-text articles are available. (Although Le Doctrinal offers links to full-text documents, these go to external databases to which IALS does not subscribe; for full-text French journals see our other French database, LexisNexis JurisClasseur, and our print holdings).

Full-text French legal material, including the Journal Officiel, codes, cases and parliamentary questions.

EU official publications: the treaties, legislation, cases and other material, all in French.  


Select ‘Doctrinal’ to search the journal/essay collection index. There are basic and advanced search facilities: ‘Recherche simple’ and ‘Recherche experte’.

‘Recherche sur une source unique’ allows users to select and search one of the collections of legislation/cases/parliamentary material.

To search two or more sources at once, select ‘Recherche simultanée sur plusieurs sources’.

Help files

For a general guide to Le Doctrinal Plus, click on the grey ‘Aide’ tab at the top of the screen. For context-specific help, use the purple ‘Aide’ buttons which are available throughout the database.