EThOS Electronic Theses Online System


EThOS is freely available. 


EThOS, provided by the British Library, is a free online service aimed at providing access to the UK’s doctoral research theses. Records of over 500,000 doctoral theses are included in the database. EThOS aims to provide a national aggregated record of all doctoral theses awarded by UK Higher Education institutions and, where possible, free access to the full text of as many theses as possible. 


EThOS has both a basic and advanced search. In the basic search phrases should be entered in double quotation marks. There is an option to limit searches to only include those items available for immediate download and to include restricted or embargoed theses in your results.

Printing, downloading and emailing

Many theses are available for download. It is necessary to create a free account to do this. 


A help section and an FAQ section is available at the top of each page.