Elgar encyclopedia of international economic law

The Encyclopedia is a reference work providing comprehensive coverage of the field of international economic law.


The Encyclopedia of International Economic Law is available onsite and offsite to all academic members of IALS Library. 


The Encyclopedia is presented in four parts:

  • Part I – Foundations and architecture
  • Part II - Principles
  • Part III – Main regulatory areas
  • Part IV – Cross-cutting challenges

There are over 200 entries explaining significant concepts and terms.


As the work is organised thematically rather than alphabetically, an alphabetical index provides a way to identify entries on a particular term.

The work can also be browsed by the table of contents.  A basic search box is available to enable users to search within the work.


There are buttons to print and email individual entries. Entries can also be downloaded in PDF format for printing, saving or emailing. A maroon ‘Download PDF’ icon appears at the top right of each section.


Help pages on topics such as accessing content, searching, browsing and downloading material can be accessed from the Help button at the top left of the landing screen.