Foreign law guide

Foreign Law Guide (FLG) makes available information on sources of foreign law. FLG is part of BrillOnline.  


FLG is available onsite to all academic members of IALS Library. Offsite access is available to IALS staff, fellows and students, SAS staff, fellows and students (other than IALS), University of London law staff and postgraduate students. 


The content of FLG is primarily organised by countries and subjects. Each country has a main page, including information on the government, legal system, primary sources of law, other print and online sources and laws arranged by subject. 


Browsing is the best way to access content on FLG. It is possible to browse FLG by country or subject. From the home page, choose either the ‘countries’ or ‘laws by subject’ tab.   


It is possible to search FLG using the basic search box at the top of the home screen. A simple query, such as the name of the country and a keyword, will usually be most effective. The search function uses standard Boolean operators, which should be entered in upper case. 

Printing, downloading and emailing

Printing is available from each page.


The general BrillOnline ‘Help’ section is located at the top of each page.