Foundations of the Common Law Library (1215-1914)


The Foundations of the Common Law Library is freely available on CommonLII. 


The Foundations of the Common Law Library  is a collection of databases documenting the history of the Common Law from 1215-1914, including material from as many common law jurisdictions (to 1914) as are available. The databases included are primarily drawn from other Legal Information Institutes, such as AsianLII; AustLII; BAILII; CanLII; CyLaw, HKLII; LII of India; NZLII; and PacLII. In addition to the aggregation of databases, a catalogue is provided which gives links to other websites with information on the history of the common law.


It is possible to browse by clicking on the title of the database that you are interested in. This then usually allows further browsing by either first letter of the title, or by year. 

The catalogue can be browsed by geographic region.  


The Foundations of the Common Law Library searchable and users can opt to search the databases or the catalog and websearch. There is a simple search option, or an advanced search.