Index to Legal Periodicals and Books

The Index to Legal Periodicals and Books is an abstracting database, containing bibliographic details of over 1,000 journals written in or about the Anglo-American legal system. Whilst the database does not provide full-text access to any of the periodicals or articles, it is an invaluable source for performing a comprehensive search to see exactly what is available in terms of journal articles on particular subjects. The database also includes bibliographic details on law and law related books. Used in conjunction with other IALS Library electronic resources such as Hein Online, and our extensive hard copy holdings, the Index toILPB can be an extremely valuable research resource.  


ILPB is available onsite and remotely to all IALS Library academic members. In both cases, the access point is through the Electronic Law Library from our website.


ILPB provides a fairly detailed abstract to each legal article written within all of the  journal titles it indexes, including ceased and dropped titles. The list of these titles is linked to from the database homepage, including details of indexing start and end dates (to find the title list, click on ‘choose databases’ and then ‘detailed view’). This list is maintained and updated on a regular basis. The Index also contains bibliographic information about legal books, although the books are not included in the list of titles. 


Searching can be performed at both a basic and an advanced level. The basic search offers just a free text box for search terms which are looked for appearing anywhere in any article. This is a useful search if you are just getting started in your research, but may well return far too may results to be of much use. The advanced search allows greater flexibility, with 3 text boxes which can be combined with Boolean (AND, OR, NOT) operators, limiting the term to search for a variety of options such as subject, word in title, author, cases mentioned and even Dewey Decimal classification number. Searches can also be limited by date and material type.

Help Files

There are very detailed help files available within the database, clearly linkable to from the ILP homepage. These files include information on basic and advanced searching, browsing and customising your results, printing and saving options, Boolean operators and a number of other functions.