Kluwer Law Online (selected titles only)

Included in the Encore catalogue

IALS Library’s subscription to Kluwer Law Online covers full access to five journals published by Kluwer (details below) and brief details of other material.


Kluwer Law Online is available onsite and offsite to all academic members of IALS Library. 


Our subscription provides full access to the following journals only:

  • Common Market Law Review
  • EC Tax Review
  • European Business Law Review
  • Intertax: European Tax Review
  • Journal of International Arbitration  

Brief details of articles from about twenty other Kluwer journals are also available. (The library has some of these journals in hard copy or on other databases – see Catalogue at  http://catalogue.ulrls.lon.ac.uk/search~S6.)

Kluwer Law Online also has a Manuals collection, consisting of Kluwer encyclopedias, but this material is not covered by our subscription. However, contents lists, bibliographies, prefaces and so on are available to all users of the database.


To browse by publication title, use the Journals tab or Manuals tab: click on a title, then select a volume. To browse by subject, use the Browse by Topic tab.

Journals marked with a green flag icon are available in full; for the other journals, and all the manuals, contents lists and extracts can be viewed.


Basic and advanced search facilities are available. Use Advanced Search to search by author, title and/or date as well as key word. 

Searches cover the entire journals and manuals collections, but only items marked with a green flag (the five journals listed above) are available in full under the IALS subscription. To limit your search to a particular journal, see ‘Search within’, on the Advanced Search page.

Use or to specify alternative search terms and not to exclude a term: companies or corporations, governance not corporate.

To specify a phrase, enter it in double quotation marks:  “corporate governance”.

Truncate with an asterisk to find variations: arbitrat* finds arbitrate, arbitrator, et cetera.

Printing and downloading 

To print or download a document open the pdf version then click on the down-arrow icon to downoad, or the printer icon to print. (These icons appear when the cursor is positioned above the top of the displayed page.)


Search help and FAQs are available via the ‘Help’ link at the top of the screen.