Legislation.gov.uk (Leg.gov) provides primary and secondary UK legislation, including legislation from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is a free service, run by The National Archives on behalf of the UK Government.


The Leg.gov website is available to all.


  • Primary legislation 
    Leg.gov provides all public general primary legislation (acts, measures and Northern Ireland orders in council) from 1988 onwards and all local acts from 1991 onwards; it also includes most pre-1988 primary legislation. 

    Most of the primary legislation is available in both the original and revised versions. About 95% of the revised versions are fully up-to-date; if not, details of amendments that have not yet been incorporated into the text are given under the heading ‘Changes to Legislation’.
  • Secondary legislation
    All statutory instruments are provided from 1987 onwards and all Northern Ireland statutory rules from 1996 onwards. Before these dates, selected instruments/rules are available. 

    At present (December 2018) most of the secondary legislation on Leg.gov. is in its original version only. Some revised secondary legislation is provided, however, and more will become available in future.
  • Other material
    Other documents on Leg.gov include draft statutory instruments, draft Northern Ireland statutory rules, impact assessments and explanatory notes to acts.

For detailed information about the content of the website, see its FAQ page.


The Browse Legislation tab allows users to select a type of legislation: for example, Acts of the Scottish Parliament, or UK Statutory Instruments. 

To browse by jurisdiction (United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland), use the buttons in the middle of the homepage.


Use the basic search engine to find legislation by title, year and/or number. 
Advanced Search offers additional facilities, such as full-text searching and limiting a search to a particular jurisdiction or type of legislation. The General search form is the default advanced search page, but other advanced search forms are also available: Geographical Extent, Point in Time, Draft Legislation and Impact Assessments.

Printing, downloading and emailing

A ‘Print Options’ button appears at the top of many of the acts and other documents on the Leg.gov. This allows you to choose whether to print the whole document or an extract from it (for example, a section of an act).

Many of the statutory instruments on the website do not have an active ‘Print Options’ button, but if you open the pdf version you can print it using Acrobat’s print and download icons.


Legislation.gov.uk has a Help menu at the top of the screen and there is a set of FAQs on the homepage.